It’s Christmas week! .. haha .. our range top has had a crack in it for about a month or maybe longer .. it hasn’t bothered the ability to cook on it .. and .. the part is discontinued .. so .. we haven’t been too worried about it .. that is until yesterday .. we came home and it had buckled up and cracked to the point that .. well .. it has to be replaced .. so .. after time spent on the Lowes and Home Depot websites .. we came to the conclusion .. that yes .. we were going to have to pick a new one up .. or simply .. not cook .. haha .. it’s Christmas weekend .. and yes .. we’re going to cook .. so as I sit here this morning .. thinking about making that trip .. and yes .. how I don’t really want to have to drive to town today .. haha .. I shifted my thinking to Mary and Joseph .. and yes .. their trip through the Judean desert .. it would have taken place during the winter .. just like now .. but totally different .. haha .. imagine their trip .. it’s in the 30’s during the day .. with rain falling down .. and yes .. it’s nasty and it’s miserable … while at night .. the freezing temperatures almost unbearable .. to protect themselves .. they would likely have worn heavy woolen cloaks .. constructed to shed that rain and snow .. under their cloaks .. the ancient residents wore long robes .. belted at the waist .. tube like socks and enclosed shoes protecting their feet .. the unpaved .. hilly trails .. and .. harsh weather were not the only hazards they would have faced on their journey south .. but .. haha .. they faced them .. totally out of obedience .. to yes .. bring us our Hope .. the Messiah .. the One who would teach us “Love “.. and yes friends .. that’s huge .. haha .. any way we look at it . so .. in keeping with this thought process .. I feel pretty silly .. and yes .. somewhat lazy for not wanting to deal with this “range” event today .. haha .. for the truth is .. friends .. no trip we’ll ever have to make will compare to what Mary and Joseph went through .. ultimately .. for you and I .. no way .. they made that trip .. simply because .. God led them to do so .. simply to complete His plan .. and yes .. they did it .. with no questions asked .. haha .. so now .. with my mindset back to where it should be .. haha .. on the way we go .. town bound .. haha .. with joyful .. and yes .. big huge grateful hearts .. woo hoo .. I can smell that Christmas dinner now .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“Teach me to do your will .. for you are my God! .. Let your good Spirit lead me on level ground!”

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