Friends ..  as I sit here this morning in my own little world .. haha .. as I do most all mornings .. I can’t help but feel overwhelmingly grateful for what’s going in my life  .. our family is working hard together and our businesses are growing .. everyone is well .. and yes .. our granddaughters .. haha .. are simple perfection .. oh yes  .. these are the kind of times in our lives that we want to hang on to .. and yes .. never ever let go of  .. however .. as we learn in this life we live  .. that old river of time is ever changing .. haha ..  it’s constantly on the move ..  and yes ..  even though we’d like to hang on to a certain .. haha .. “season” .. we all know .. seasons change .. and yes .. it’s when we simply understand that everything in life is a gift from God .. we’re able to hold each changing moment with an open hand .. haha .. think about it .. in just knowing that He has filled our hand once .. gives us the comfort of knowing .. He can .. and yes .. He will .. fill it again and again and again with something new .. so .. as we move through life .. we cherish our memories .. and yes ..  we learn to hold things lightly .. for simply .. a clenched fist grows stiff and tired from trying to hold on .. haha .. while an open hand is able to give .. and yes .. receive freely .. for friends .. it’s when we allow … haha .. that ebb and  flow to move  .. we simply create .. more and more room  .. haha .. for His amazing  and totally remarkable grace ..  haha .. oh yeah ..  love wins period

“And from His fullness we have all received .. grace upon grace”


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