I’ve never had a big family .. my dad had a friend he served with in WWII .. “Walter Scapecci” .. when they got out of the service .. they both moved to Pensacola .. haha .. and never left .. Walter married Bernie and had 11 children .. dad married mom .. who already had two son’s .. he had one daughter .. and together .. they had me .. my sister lived in Illinois and we saw her on scheduled visits .. while my brothers stayed with us .. as my older brother got out of High School .. he was drafted into the Army .. he went to Vietnam .. my other brother .. haha .. he enlisted into the Navy in his senior year .. so when he graduated .. he went up and down the Mediterranean .. haha .. much better than Vietnam .. which left me at home .. alone .. to deal with the topsy turvy lifestyle my mom and dad so loved .. haha .. so .. as with most of us .. time goes by .. we lose our loved ones .. and yes .. many way too soon in life .. but friends .. as I look back .. even though growing up .. I didn’t have a big family .. we always had lot’s of people around .. not always the best role models .. haha .. but .. they were my people .. and yes .. I loved each one .. in spite of not because of .. for always .. haha .. that’s the best way to role .. and no .. it wasn’t until I discovered that I could actually have a real relationship with the Lord .. that I understood .. no matter if I lost everyone .. I would always have family .. for .. the truth is .. we all belong to His family .. we all belong to each other .. we may not have the same blood running through our veins .. but .. we’re family all the same .. we belong to the family of God .. and yes .. being a part of His family .. is the greatest blessing given to Believers .. and yes .. one that should drive us to our knees in complete humbleness .. for simply .. we can never do anything to deserve it .. for friends .. it’s His gift of love .. His gift of mercy .. and .. His gift of grace to each us .. yet .. we are .. “called” .. to become sons and daughters of the Living God .. haha .. so today .. although yes .. I am blessed with my own family .. and yes .. I’ve been given an awesome husband .. an awesome and loving son .. who’s married to awesome woman .. who together has given us .. two awesome granddaughters .. and .. a whole lot of family to go along with it .. even as large and mighty as we are .. we will always and forever .. have the peace of knowing .. no matter who comes and goes in our lives .. we .. each and every one of us .. will always be family through Him .. who loves us big .. and friends .. with that .. all I can say .. is simply .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“So we .. though many .. are one body in Christ .. and individually members one of another”

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