On the night before Jesus died .. He prayed and ask the Father to love us just like He loves Him .. so that .. His love for Him would live in each of us .. wow … think about it .. it’s amazing that God Himself loves each one of us .. just as much as He loves His Son .. Jesus Christ .. haha .. yet .. this is exactly what Scripture says .. oh .. but we as human beings are divided in so many ways .. like time .. for us .. one minute comes after the other and our time is spread out .. however .. this not so with God .. for .. He always lives in the present now .. there is no division .. eternity simply means that the whole of time is condensed in this one moment .. and this one moment lasts forever .. then .. let’s look at love .. we .. as humans are divided in our love .. our love for others is usually broken down into .. let’s see .. like a person very much .. hmm .. sixty percent .. or .. in an ordinary way .. let’s see .. thirty percent .. and then .. the very little .. yep .. ten percent .. oh but friends .. our God .. He never measures love .. He loves one hundred percent .. one hundred percent of the time .. so .. if we think He is a person who can divide His love .. then we aren’t thinking of our God .. we are thinking of ourselves .. for He is perfectly One .. the perfect unity .. we have love .. but .. HE is love .. and His love .. it’s not an activity .. it’s His whole self .. it’s when we begin to grasp some idea of this .. we simply understand .. He could not possibly give one hundred percent of His love to His Son and a smaller percent to us .. no .. that’s not happening .. for this very reason .. He would not be God if He didn’t give each of us personally .. that .. one hundred percent .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

“We love because he first loved us”


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