I’ve been an optimist most of my life .. haha ..  I’ve had to be .. heck  .. I just took a quiz on what one word best describes me .. and there it was .. “Optimistic” ..  haha .. yes friends ..  most of us  have learned that real optimism .. simply helps us sink our roots in the awareness and knowledge of who we are in Christ .. haha .. and  yes .. the extreme power of His grace .. it’s not just a wish .. a thought .. or even .. positive and hopeful thinking .. and no .. it’s not the confidence in knowing that everything will turn out fine .. no friends .. optimism is real  .. and yes .. it’s tangible .. and through this optimism ..  haha .. we’re simply able to see what God has done for us in our lives .. and yes .. in those around us  .. and so .. in turn .. we’re able to overcome any setbacks or disappointments we may face .. for simply .. our goal of being His child .. haha .. outweighs all else .. for we have no fear of what may happen to our body .. for our soul is secure .. friends .. the truth is  .. when we’re positive .. and yes .. optimistic .. our mindset will stay on what is true while seeking His promises .. for we now are putting our hope into action .. and yes .. we are confident beyond measure that His promises are real .. and true .. and yes .. will come to us .. and yes sweet friends .. this is simply .. what keeps our attitudes good .. what fills our lives with enthusiasm .. and yes .. what keeps our hearts persevering .. haha .. even when times .. are just not that easy ..  haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“Above all else ..  guard your heart .. for everything you do flows from it”


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