Friends .. as Believers .. we’re simply giving God the right to answer our prayers in the way He sees fit .. haha ..  think about it .. Jesus .. He never gave a sermon on unanswered prayers .. simply because … from His viewpoint .. haha ..  all prayers are answered .. so .. when we believe and trust in Him .. what happens next is crazy  .. haha .. for simply .. we no longer find our attention on the mountain .. no .. instead we become focused on Him .. and through this focus .. we clearly see just how much  .. He longs for us to live in the joy of walking by faith ..  for friends .. the truth is .. when we do this .. that mountain that seemed so high .. haha ..  we climb it .. that’s right .. we climb it with the power .. the strength .. the hope .. and yes  .. the peace of knowing  .. without a doubt .. He’s our steady guide ..  and yes .. on the other side that mountain that seemed so high  ..  haha ..  we know that we know that we know ..  everything will be just the way .. He designed it to be .. simple truth .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“Commit your way to the Lord .. trust in Him .. and He will act”


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