Haha .. we pray for God to strengthen us .. over and over again .. we plead for Him to make us stronger .. and .. more able to fulfill the callings He has on our lives .. but .. over and over again .. we fail .. but friends .. let’s think about this .. maybe .. instead of pleading for Him to strengthen us .. we need to pray for Him to .. BE our strength .. haha .. I mean after all .. His Word does say .. His power is made perfect in weakness .. so now .. we make a turn .. instead of asking Him to remove the things that are overwhelming us .. we ask Him to be our strength .. as we move through all the things that overwhelm us .. yes .. we stop asking Him to make us different than we are .. we stop trying to be something we’re not .. and .. we stop asking Him to take away the thorns that are constantly pricking us .. haha .. yes sweet friends .. sometimes .. we just have it all backwards .. for the truth is .. and .. always will be .. we are insufficient .. but .. His grace is sufficient .. we are weak .. yet .. in His power .. our weakness is made perfect .. we want to hide from our problems .. get them fixed .. then celebrate our victory .. oh but .. instead .. He wants us to boast gladly of our weakness .. I know it sounds crazy .. but friends .. when we try .. with all our might to be strong on our own .. it only leads to exhaustion .. yet .. His unending power rests inside us .. when we are discontent with our difficulties and weakness .. we can simply .. CHOOSE to be perfectly content .. knowing He has a plan for all of this nonsense .. ALL .. for the sake of the glory of Christ .. yes friends .. strength comes through weakness .. so .. there’s no time for discouragement .. for simply .. we all .. have way too much work to do for Him .. so .. come on now .. let’s rock this day through His strength and power .. for friends .. there’s somebody out there .. that needs His strength too .. haha .. let’s shine some light .. and .. show them where to find it .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“Each time he said .. ‘My grace is all you need .. My power works best in weakness’ .. So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses .. so that the power of Christ can work through me”



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