Here we are .. New Year’s Eve 2015 .. tomorrow marks the beginning of a new year .. oh yes .. we’ll stop .. and .. we’ll evaluate our lives .. and .. of course .. we’ll resolve to do better in 2016 .. we’ll make resolutions .. and some .. within days .. we’ll break .. haha .. oh but friends .. in this new year to come .. let’s simply agree .. to personally involve the Lord .. a whole lot more in our daily walk .. for friends .. I have to say .. this year .. personally .. I have learned more from Him .. than I have .. “chosen” .. to in years past .. yes .. in 2016 .. let’s really pay attention to what He says .. for .. we all know .. He has a dream for our life .. and .. by involving Him more in the equation .. we’re just that much closer to fulling that dream .. for friends .. with Him .. there’s no partiality .. so .. as we get started .. let’s each sit down with a notepad .. and ask Him to simply .. reveal to us .. what He would like for us to work on in the new year to come .. writing down what comes to our mind .. the scriptures that He gives us .. while asking Him .. to show us specifics .. trust me .. I’m always surprised at how He leads me .. when .. I take the time to ask and listen .. haha .. I have been given so many specifics this year on how to better love those around me .. how to prioritize my time .. how to budget .. when to place new goals .. and how .. to finally begin to really take care of me .. oh yes .. it’s been amazing as to how He will specifically speak into my life .. IF and WHEN .. I take the time to seek Him .. to listen to Him .. and then .. to write it down .. so friends .. let’s start the new year off right by inviting Him into our process .. for .. the truth is .. and .. the bottom line .. we all just want to be .. a little better each day .. and .. we can fully trust with Him as our guide .. we’re sure to succeed .. and yes .. oh yes .. that .. puts a smile on my face .. for .. I too .. love you all .. big .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“So I say to you .. Ask and it will given to you .. seek and you will find .. knock and the door will be opened to you .. For everyone who asks receives .. he who seeks finds .. and to him who knocks .. the door will be opened”

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