We all face uncertainties and experience heartaches in our lives .. simply because .. we live in a lost and fallen world .. but friends .. it’s in the middle of the madness that we know .. without a doubt .. that we are never alone to deal with whatever it is we are facing .. no way .. for you see .. God is faithful .. oh yes .. and it’s in His faithfulness that we find a constant shield .. for we .. sweet friends .. are covered by His very shadow .. that’s right .. we have the security in knowing that He will be with us in our times of trouble .. for this is .. His promise .. and .. His unchanging promises are there .. for any of us .. that choose to accept them .. simply by .. placing ourselves under His loving care .. wow .. all we have to do is trust .. then .. move on into that dwelling place .. where He is the head of the house .. haha .. that’s a “feel good” moment .. friends .. read Psalm 91 .. every chance you get .. take it in and own it .. it belongs to us .. for .. every time we come away from it .. we’ll find .. an even more .. overwhelming sense of awe.. and .. absolute wonder .. of His never ending provision for each of us .. that’s right .. haha .. I laugh .. simply because .. over and over again .. we find .. it’s all about .. a simple choice .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period.
“Because he loves me” .. says the LORD .. “I will rescue him .. I will protect him .. for he acknowledges my name”

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