We’ve all heard .. told someone .. or .. have been told ourselves ..”you need to get right with God” .. haha .. yes friends .. it’s true .. we do .. however .. what we need to understand is simply .. sometimes .. smart people do dumb things .. wise people do foolish things .. and .. Godly people do sinful things .. yes .. for some of us .. those things are are a big dark ugly past .. while .. for some .. it’s a secret we’ve never told anyone .. it could be anything .. and .. the thought of saying it out loud .. totally overwhelms us .. but friends .. again .. what we need to understand is this .. regardless of how we messed up .. the one thing we all share in common is simply .. we’ve all made mistakes .. and .. His Word tells us .. plain and simple .. “ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God” .. so .. this being the case .. we need to look at just how .. we can .. get right with Him .. after .. we’ve done something completely wrong.. haha .. and friends .. it’s an easy task .. if we allow it to be .. that’s right .. for the truth is .. all He wants us to do .. is come clean with Him .. be honest and open about our mistakes .. then .. get them out into the light .. and .. yes I know .. it’s fear that stops us from doing this .. oh but friends.. it’s when we get past that fear .. and .. step out in faith .. asking for His forgiveness .. that .. the peace that follows .. is so .. so .. very well worth it .. for simply .. we CAN trust that with Him .. the ending of our story will be good .. for .. the truth is .. when we own our part in our mistake .. we are able to truly accept His forgiveness and cleansing .. yes friends .. we have to believe that we are accepted .. forgiven .. and .. loved .. this is not always easy .. but .. it’s necessary .. simply because .. He wants to use us .. He want to use the most difficult .. sinful thing we’ve ever done .. to make us .. a trophy of His grace .. haha .. crazy but true .. for the bottom line is simply .. He’ll use all of our past .. along with our .. present ..and .. future mistakes .. to glorify Him .. if we let Him .. no .. this is not a pass to throw down .. but .. a steady reminder .. that we .. serve a God .. who .. does not condone our bad behavior .. but does .. understand that we are human .. and .. we struggle with walking that straight and narrow line .. haha .. so .. out of His love for us .. He forgives us and takes our very worst .. “life moments” .. and claims them for Himself .. plain and simple truth .. and friends .. it just doesn’t get any better than that .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“Then I will teach transgressors your ways .. so that sinners will turn back to you .. Open my lips Lord .. and my mouth will declare your praise”

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