Our house has been busy for the last few weeks ..  we’re painting inside and out ..  we’ve done the out .. we’re now .. in the in ..  haha ..   our painters are awesome .. they show up at eight .. they start work immediately .. they take a thirty minute lunch .. and then .. work til three .. haha .. so .. as I’m sitting here thinking how my time is running out and I have no idea what to write about .. as  .. I’m exhausted from weddings and events .. and yes .. from a little fun thrown in ..  haha ..  it has me thinking of how .. most of us .. we don’t move quite as fast as we used to in the mornings .. haha .. although .. some of us .. do get up at four or five am ..  yet time .. just seems to fly  .. that’s all there is to it .. so .. when we find our time scaling away .. as we all do at times .. we have a couple of choices .. we can let our already hectic mornings .. turn right on into a panic attack .. or .. we can simply trust God to see us through .. haha .. me .. I’m going with the latter .. for already .. that choice to trust Him .. is creating in me a sense of calm .. a peace .. you know .. the one that surpasses all understanding .. haha .. friends .. bottom line .. it’s when acknowledge His help and very presence in our lives .. and yes .. when we take the few seconds that it takes  .. to count our blessings .. and yes  .. to remind ourselves of the ways He has helped us through so many difficulties .. that the stress we felt a few minutes ago .. is now pure joy .. as we simply .. relax in His awesome love .. and .. calmly get ready for the day ..  haha .. so .. there’s nothing much left to say .. but .. let the painting begin .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period


“So do not throw away this confident trust in the Lord .. remember the great reward it brings you!”


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