Ahhh yes .. “patience” .. haha .. an essential part toward maturity and growth … haha .. oh no .. it’s not a fun thing to obtain .. for the truth is .. none of us really like to wait .. especially in this fast paced world we live .. so yes .. we cry out to God and ask Him to give us this “patience” .. and yes .. we’d like it now please .. haha .. yet .. if He did .. we wouldn’t have the tools we need .. to simply .. grow through life’s difficulties .. for friends .. “patience” allows us to receive and participate in His love as it builds loyalty and faithfulness .. in us .. that’s right .. and yes .. “patience” takes us beyond our comfort zone into an area .. we don’t always want to go .. oh but .. haha .. when we do .. we’re better for it .. and yes .. we’re more able to be used .. for without it .. it’s simply difficult .. to be effective in the lives of others .. .. bottom line .. “patience” .. allows us to manage anger problems .. haha .. and yes .. to “patiently” wait on His timing .. not only that .. it also allows us to forgive .. to ride it out and keep moving forward .. haha .. even when .. we just don’t feel like it .. haha .. yes friends .. this thing called .. “patience” .. it helps us to see when the clouds of life block our view .. it allows us to cling to Him .. no matter what happens .. for friends .. “patience” .. simply allows .. the Potter to put us on His wheel .. and yes .. form us perfectly .. haha .. in His perfect timing .. simple truth .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“But if we hope for what we do not see .. we wait for it with patience”

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