es friends .. all of us have experienced troubled relationships in our lives .. and yes .. sometimes we’re aware of what’s going on .. while yes .. haha .. at other times we’re completely clueless .. the truth is .. at heart we all want to get along and when we can’t make things work .. haha .. that old guilt can and will create division between us and God .. for yes .. it’s so much easier to blame someone else than to admit our lack of love for the ones we have trouble with .. oh but friends .. it’s when we stop asking Him why .. and yes .. start asking Him how .. that yes .. everything will change .. for it’s true .. letting go of what we think and taking hold of what He says we simply find .. that no .. we can’t control others actions or responses .. but yes .. we can control our own .. so yes .. by praying for them allows our hearts to soften .. and yes .. gives us that awesome peace within that’s comes straight from Him .. for yes .. He is pure love .. and yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“If it is possible .. as far as it depends on you .. live at peace with everyone”

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