Friends .. there are times in each of our lives .. when yes .. we’re sitting resting peacefully .. and then .. “boom” .. haha .. a powerful storm arises around us .. and yes .. just as the disciples did on that stormy night .. we become afraid .. and yes .. we cry out to the Lord in fear .. haha .. and then yes .. just as He did with the disciples .. He reaches out to us with a simple reminder to  “Be Still” .. and as we do .. the calm always seems to come back around .. for yes sweet friends .. we know without a shadow of doubt that He’s with us in the midst of life’s storms .. and yes .. He’s promised to bring us to the other side  ..  all we have to do .. haha ..  is simply  trust .. believe .. and yes .. rely on His incredible and remarkable true love .. for yes .. it’s there we’ll always and forever find .. that yes ..  haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

God is our shelter and strength .. always ready to help in times of trouble”


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