I grew up in Pensacola .. although most of my life I felt like a gypsy .. this is where our feet always landed .. 5 generations before me (on my moms side) grew up there as well .. my mom was actually born in the hall of a home across from Seville Square .. haha .. grandma just couldn’t make it to the hospital in time .. or .. maybe she didn’t even try to go .. not really sure .. I just always knew the “hall” story .. my grandma was awesome .. she was the rock .. I could go to her .. anytime .. night or day .. and .. she would listen to my woe .. always responding with much love and grace .. she loved the Lord but never went to church .. none of us really got involved like that .. I can remember when my brother was in middle or high school .. he would go .. and .. of course .. let me tag along .. also .. I had a friend .. her name was Cheryl .. she went to church every time they had a service .. so I knew if I spent the night with her .. I would get to go too .. haha .. my parents never really talked to me about God growing up .. once in a while .. well maybe three times .. my dad took me to church .. but all three times .. we never made it to the end of the service .. for at some point .. he would break down and cry .. then grab me .. and .. out we went .. I wasn’t sure what that meant at the time .. but today .. I do .. for you see .. haha .. today .. I love my church .. I love the fellowship .. and .. I love the message each week .. I’m totally convinced they are meant .. just for me .. haha .. you know God .. He has a way of making us feel special like that .. I .. like my dad .. never make it through a service without silently crying .. oh yes .. I’m definitely a cry baby .. but you know .. today .. it’s okay .. I stay on in .. and .. I take advantage of that touch .. oh .. that glorious wonderful touch from Him above .. I let those tears flow as the years of .. guilt .. shame .. and .. hurt .. peel right off of me .. yes .. these days .. I’m like an onion .. layers upon layers are being slowly removed from my rough and tough exterior .. in hope .. that one day the tender bulb will be all that’s left .. wow .. it’s been a slow process .. but friends .. it’s been so worth it .. sometimes .. it takes us years to understand .. we need to be peeled .. yes .. we just simply need .. to let Him all the way in .. we can’t get up and walk out .. no .. we have to root ourselves .. and .. be ready for the process .. calling on Him every second we are in need .. for friends .. He will be there .. every single time .. that I can promise .. so today .. on this wonderful Christmas Eve .. as we rush around doing our last minute shopping .. as we sit with our family and friends exchanging the gifts of love .. let us take the time .. to thank Him .. for His gift of Love .. for in today .. I know .. that I know .. that I know .. I would not be .. where I am right now .. in this wonderful life that I live .. with the best family I could ever hope for .. without Him and His Unconditional Love .. God is so smart for sending Jesus to save us .. yes .. from our very own selves .. and .. today sweet friends .. I am one grateful soul .. that I have finally decided .. to let it all go .. and .. let Him on in .. haha .. we should all do this .. at least once in our lives .. haha .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“For God .. who said .. “Let there be light in the darkness” .. has made this light shine in our hearts so we could know the glory of God that is seen in the face of Jesus Christ”

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