Friends .. many of us carry baggage from time passed by .. many of us have had to deal with things in our lives .. haha .. that were .. let’s just say .. quite dysfunctional .. haha .. and yes .. we came out of it .. not always .. feeling so good about ourselves .. which in turn .. has caused us to fail .. or even .. feel like failures no matter what we do .. oh but friends .. it’s when we grab hold of the reality of the way it really was or is .. and .. we simply .. face it head on .. we can begin .. “rewiring” .. if you will .. our thought pattern .. and yes .. haha .. it takes work .. but when we work it .. everything in our lives will change .. and yes .. they’ll change for the better .. for those pits we use to fall into .. we’ll find .. they’re fewer and far between .. haha .. and no .. don’t get me wrong .. rewiring our thoughts won’t necessarily get rid of the pits in life .. but yes .. haha .. it can keep us from continuing to fall into them at every crook and turn .. haha .. bottom line .. our goal in life is not to walk around the pit .. nor to get out of it quicker .. our goal in life .. is to fill that pit .. fill it so full .. that no one else falls into it .. haha .. that’s right .. we fill it with God .. we fill it with love .. love of self .. and yes .. love for others .. for friends .. the truth is .. when we’re climbing out of our pit and we’re feeling like we’re just not enough .. we can overcome it .. by simply .. helping others .. yes .. helping those who feel the same way .. believe that they’re good enough .. believe that they’re strong enough .. and yes .. believe with all their heart and soul .. that they are loved .. that’s right .. for reality is .. we’re all loved .. by Love .. “Himself” .. haha .. yes friends .. it all boils down to a simple act .. people loving people .. just the way we He designed us to be .. let’s do this .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“He brought me up out of the pit of destruction .. out of the miry clay .. and .. He set my feet upon a rock making my footsteps firm”

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