Haha .. friends .. there’s some things .. you just can’t make up .. as most of you know .. our family owns Grayton Beach Catering .. and this time of year .. haha .. we’re hustling .. yesterday we had three weddings .. two that required an officiant .. and .. only one officiant on hand .. haha .. the good news .. one wedding was at 5 pm and the other at 7 pm .. with only two miles between the two .. no problem .. we’re set .. no worries at all .. so .. here we go .. as most all beach weddings are pretty laid back and don’t require any of us .. even the officiant to be too dressed up .. haha .. every once in a while .. we get a surprise .. and last night at Monet .. we got one .. as the wedding party started to arrive .. everyone was dressed in suits .. haha .. it was a rather warm evening and yes .. we were a little surprised .. but .. it’s all good .. we’re all hot .. some a little more than others .. haha .. never the less .. we kept moving .. as I was in the middle of something .. I don’t know what .. I looked up and there was Wes .. our officiant .. dressed in a nice shirt .. shorts .. and .. flip flops .. haha .. standard beach wedding officiant attire .. but not suit worthy attire .. he looked at me .. I looked at him .. knowing he was uncomfortable .. we sprang into action .. haha .. and friends .. one of the wonderful things about having a wedding at Monet Monet is the store and grounds keeper herself .. Nicole Paloma .. haha .. and .. what better place to dress Wes .. than in Nicole Paloma style .. haha .. we all started pulling black lace ponchos .. white fabric .. along with anything else that would work .. to simply .. dress Wes in grand style .. to fit in with the surroundings .. we all laughed so hard .. and when Kris got finished with him .. he looked awesome .. I’m still laughing this morning as I think about what God must have been thinking when He saw us scrambling around to make it work .. I’m guessing He was getting a good laugh as well .. haha .. and .. I’m guessing that He was proud .. He was proud that we took the gift of thought .. the gift of respect .. and .. the gift of love .. that He so graciously gives us .. and simply .. put in into action to make everything go together .. oh so very well .. for you see .. it really wouldn’t have mattered how Wes was dressed .. for .. the couple would still be married this morning .. however .. because we wanted the whole picture to be perfect for them .. everything fell into place for that to happen .. Wes standing up there with his white linen stole wrapped around his neck .. looking so regal .. the bride in a Nicole Paloma dress and the groom .. in his blue suit .. haha .. yes friends .. we’ve all been given a gift to love .. and .. the greatest gift of love we can give .. is focused attention to one another .. yes .. we could have said .. oh well .. this is the way it is .. but instead .. we came together to let this couple know .. we value them .. and .. on this day .. we did all we could to let them know .. in the best way we could .. that they matter to us .. for friends .. bottom line .. the essence of relationships .. it’s not what we do for each other .. or .. what we give to each other .. the pure essence .. is simply .. how much of ourselves we give to each other .. so friends .. as we move into this new week .. in all we do .. let’s stay mindful to show attention to the people in our lives .. for yes .. it truly is .. the greatest gift of love we can give .. and yes yes yes .. again and again and again .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“Do not be interested only in your own life .. but be interested in the lives of others”

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