Without great trials .. we would have no great victories .. fulfilling our destiny isn’t always a walk in the park .. it requires thousands of deaths .. learning to say no .. making better choices .. and .. putting others’ needs before our own .. it’s when we walk with Him .. He will teach us .. guide us .. and .. comfort us throughout our days .. we will know His peace .. no matter what we are facing .. for .. He simply .. reveals Himself in the difficulties of life .. in fact .. the more mature we become in our walk .. the more peace and joy we experience .. it’s interesting how He stages things .. on one hand .. our trials increase as we grow stronger in Him .. yet .. on the other hand .. the fruit of the Spirit develops to the point where we are given tremendous grace to weather the trials .. friends .. it’s this simple .. we should expect to experience His peace in or lives .. if we are not walking in peace .. chances are .. we have not yet completely surrendered to Him … His intention for all of us is to be filled with peace .. joy .. and .. love .. for these are the key indicators of His guidance .. His Word tells us to let His peace rule in our heart .. for .. haha .. it is the “umpire” of our heart telling us if we are “safe” in His will .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period​

“The Lord will guard you from all evil .. preserving your life .. the Lord will guard your goings and comings .. from this time on and forever”


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