Friends .. as we travel our journey through this life .. haha .. there are three important relationships where we need to learn to maintain peace .. those three simply being  .. with God .. with each other .. and yes .. with ourselves ..  it’s a simple task .. for yes .. we maintain peace with God by believing and trusting in Him .. we maintain peace with one another by not allowing strife to be part of our relationships .. and yes .. we maintain peace with ourselves by refusing to live in guilt or condemnation .. while yes .. recognizing daily that He is greater than everything inside or outside of us ..  for the truth is .. we can’t buy peace .. it’s supernatural .. a spiritual fruit which is justified by our faith .. and yes .. His loving law .. yes .. that perfect peace that surpasses all human understanding is a gift from Our Father above .. and yes .. it’s a new day ..  let’s open it up and wear it .. for yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period.

“I have said these things to you .. that in me you may have peace .. in the world you will have tribulation .. but take heart .. I have overcome the world”


#gratefulforanewday  #loveoneanother  #dontstopbelieving

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