Perseverance – “steadfastness is doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success” – it can make a positive change in each of us.

It’s not what we do, but the very nature of who we are. At the very first sign of trouble, we have a choice – we can whine and we complain about the injustice – or – we can simply decide to stay the course – we can complain to anyone and everyone who’ll listen – or – we can dig our heels in and “steady” ourselves for the journey.

To successfully navigate our situation – we must grab hold of God’s promises – we must step out in faith, and then – simply embrace the process as an opportunity for growth.

There isn’t one of us who like to go through difficulties, however, the truth is – we often find through adversity our characters are revealed, and yes – our spirits are energized .

Perseverance makes us strong and we all want and need to be strong.

So – come on now, let’s take it as it comes, and yes – keep on keepin’ on.

We are loved by love Himself. He loves us big and He loves us strong, and yes – love wins period

“Be Joyful In Hope, Patient In Affliction, Faithful In Prayer” Romans 12:12

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