The Word .. simply tells us .. God’s Spirit works in us .. simply so .. we can be more like Him .. and part of the fruit .. or .. result of that work .. if you will .. is gentleness .. and friends .. although the word sounds weak .. haha .. it’s not .. no way .. for gentleness is .. strength under control .. yes .. it absolutely allows us to be tender .. think about it .. He .. Our God .. He’s big .. He’s totally endless and super powerful .. the truth is .. He’s bigger than the universe .. yet .. He treats us with the utmost of tenderness and care .. so .. in knowing this .. it’s easy to understand that gentleness .. is simply .. trusting that He will take care of justice .. and in knowing this .. our job .. is to think correctly about who He is and who we are in Him .. for friends .. it’s truly when .. we understand .. His sovereignty .. doctrine .. and .. control .. that we’ll move from the mad rush of life .. along with the cruelty that goes with it .. to actually take the time with others .. because now .. we’re at peace with Him .. for friends .. gentleness allows us to be caring and nurturing souls .. it helps us stay calm and not escalate problems or push people’s buttons .. it helps us .. to build others up .. by allowing them to grow .. it simply .. places the other first .. it’s being selfless .. while .. attracting people to us who could use a listening ear or helping hand .. for friends .. when we are too full of pride .. we simply .. can’t be gentle with others .. nope .. we can’t be a friend .. for .. all we’ll do is hurt them and push them away .. haha .. so .. we can look to Him .. the One .. who modeled ultimate gentleness and care .. after all .. He doesn’t have to be gentle .. for .. He’s God .. He can do anything He wants .. yet .. He takes to time to nurture us .. even when we make mistakes and fail .. He helps us up and puts us back together .. and friends .. He does this .. for every single one of us .. no respecter of person is He .. however .. we have to allow Him to form us .. for simply .. this character .. must continue to function in a society that does not see its importance .. or .. just thinks we’re weak .. but .. when others need an ear to listen .. they don’t go to the ones filled with pride .. they go to someone who is gentle .. and friends .. we are .. to be .. those people .. plain and simple truth .. haha .. again and again .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“But the wisdom from above is first pure .. then peaceable .. gentle .. reasonable .. full of mercy and good fruits .. unwavering .. without hypocrisy”

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