Friends .. it’s when we find ourselves under stress and our lives completely out of control .. we’ll also find .. the majority of the time .. we’re simply in conflict with God .. haha .. that’s right .. we’re trying to control the things that only He can control .. oh yes .. we want to control everything and everyone around us .. haha .. how foolish we are .. for the truth is .. when we do this .. we’re simply trying to be Him .. haha .. and yes .. that’s rediculous .. and yes .. puts us in direct opposition to Him .. and yes .. not only will we lose .. but .. we’re going to find ourselves totally exhausted .. and friends .. I don’t know about you .. but .. personally I’ve found .. many many times .. life in itself .. can be exhausting enough .. without heaping more to the pile .. haha .. so .. bottom line .. we live one day at a time .. we enjoy our lives .. we understand that when we face things we can’t control .. we can still find His perfect peace .. for friends .. this is where our power lies .. when we surrender to Him those very things we’ve been trying to control .. we’ll simply find in Him .. the strength .. the hope .. and .. the way .. to that powerful sense of freedom and life of love .. He so wants us all to have .. simple truth people .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

“Many are the plans in the mind of a man .. but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand”



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