Friends .. we must do all we can as we travel through life to be loving .. no matter what we’re facing .. and yes .. we must do this even when it’s not returned to us in the exact way we would like for it to be .. for the truth is .. true love is to love someone without expecting a single thing in return .. and yes .. we need to practice this daily .. we need to look into our heart without holding on so tightly to the outcome .. for yes .. practicing love is the same as practicing the art of letting go .. it means giving others the freedom to be themselves .. and yes .. accepting them the way they are in spite of not because of .. and friends .. we can do this with anyone we meet .. for yes .. we can look at others and smile knowing they’re just like us .. and yes .. feel good about it … for yes .. it’s when we learn to give ourselves unconditional love .. compassion .. forgiveness .. and .. acceptance .. that we’re able to give the same to those we meet .. for yes .. it’s all boils down to people loving people .. just the way God intended it to be .. so yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“Let all that you do be done in love”

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