Yes ! .. it’s true .. we are in fact .. precious in God’s eyes .. yes .. that’s right .. every single one of us .. haha .. no one is left out .. it doesn’t matter who we are .. or .. what we’ve done .. He adores us .. and .. He loves us all the same .. it’s amazing how He clearly demonstrates our value throughout His Word .. which .. speaks only His truth .. so .. think about it .. think about how much we love our children and/or our grandchildren .. that love we feel for them .. it’s totally incomparable to how He feels about us .. I know .. it’s crazy .. but .. it’s truth .. haha .. look at a diamond .. it’s one of the most precious items in creation .. they’re rare and beautiful .. highly prized by many .. however .. they’re nothing compared to how He values each person walking the face of this earth .. haha .. yes friends .. we .. those people .. who trip .. fall .. and .. totally fail .. way more often than we care to admit .. He loves us all the same .. we are .. in His eyes .. “more precious than diamonds” .. and .. believing this is true and we’re comparing ourselves to diamonds .. let’s think about it again .. haha .. I remember when Rocky and Carla would have diamond shows at Monet .. Randy would come in with these exquisite flawless diamonds .. brilliant by nature .. sparkling like the stars in the sky .. so much beauty in such a small package .. some of those flawless stones were worth millions .. some I’ve heard .. but not seen .. have been calculated to be three times the wealth of the world .. wow .. that’s out of control .. haha .. imagine holding one of those precious stones in our hand .. the value we hold in such a small object .. but friends .. to Him .. those diamonds I’m speaking of .. simply .. just aren’t that precious .. nor .. are any other costly stones .. not even gold .. haha .. after all .. in heaven .. the streets are paves with gold .. and the gates are made of pearls instead of wrought iron .. it’s written that everywhere we look .. we’ll find gems decorating the foundation of the heavenly city .. ahh .. but friends .. you and I .. we’re a whole other matter .. we know He has formed many diamonds .. but .. He’s made only one of you and one of me .. we’re each unique .. we’re each unlike anyone else who has ever lived or ever will live .. He’s made each of us individual .. simply because .. He wants someone exactly like us .. for the truth is .. He has big plans for our lives .. so .. sweet friends .. when we’re feeling beat down .. like life has thrown more at us than we can handle .. and .. we don’t feel worth as much as a rhinestone .. let alone a diamond .. we must take heart .. for the truth is .. we’re so precious in His eyes .. and .. we’re so loved by Him .. that He even says .. we’re worth a Son to Him .. wow .. that’s some kind of crazy love .. so friends .. the bottom line .. in knowing and trusting in this truth .. we should never ever doubt our own worth .. and we should run .. yes run .. straight into His arms .. and listen .. for His still small voice that tells us plainly .. His love for us is bigger than any and all of our mistakes .. yes friends .. we are loved .. no matter who we are .. or .. what we’ve done .. simple truth .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“ .. you are precious in my eyes .. and I love you”




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