I sit here this morning with Christmas behind us .. I’m thinking about the new year ahead .. as well as today .. I’m thinking just how unfortunate is it .. that one of the realities of this life we live .. is simply.. people love to remember bad things .. they love to hold bad things against people .. I mean .. think about it .. watch the news .. they sure do mention the bad .. a whole lot more .. than the good .. so .. as a result of this .. if we care to really look .. we’ll find .. we are quick to judge others .. we want to make sure that everyone pays for their mistakes and actions .. we want them to get what they deserve .. haha .. especially if it involves us .. you know .. we go straight to the .. “eye for an eye” .. for retaliation .. haha .. oh but friends .. this approach .. it’s a big huge problem .. simply because .. it allows the negative events of our past to influence and determine how we live today .. and friends .. plain and simply put .. this is not God’s way .. no way .. the fact is .. His way is radically different .. and friends .. I’m overjoyed to be able .. to share the truth with you today .. for you see .. when He looks at us .. it’s without any conditions .. while .. all the while .. offering us grace .. this is His reality .. He delivers forgiveness into our lives .. and .. forgiveness .. delivers a different approach to life .. along with .. ahh yes .. how we look at other people .. friends .. it’s through His forgiveness .. we’ve been set free .. now .. today .. this very moment .. we are no longer bound to look at the past .. what we have .. or .. have not done .. or even .. what others have done .. but rather .. we now .. look at our lives from what He’s doing .. for .. when we seriously sit down and look at the difference this makes .. we get to see Him active in our lives .. while recognizing… that everything good .. is simply a result of His activeness .. haha .. yes .. all that is good in our lives is Him at work .. even when our lives are messy .. He’s at work helping us .. wow .. what an awesome God is He .. so .. when difficulties or challenges confront us .. we pray and we trust .. for we know .. He will see us through .. and when .. we see others struggling with challenges .. we encourage them .. to run to them .. rather than away from them .. for now .. we are part of His team .. and .. as a team player .. we’re to help one another .. it really is quite simple .. when we have troubles from our past that still bother us .. and .. they are affecting how we relate to others .. we need to step back .. and .. trust Him .. for He calls us all to .. “let it go “.. haha .. for simply .. we cannot allow them to control how we relate to one another .. He wants us to seek His forgiveness .. so in turn .. we can offer real forgiveness to others .. for friends .. it’s true .. He loves us .. as He finds us .. warts and all .. He’s constantly active in our lives .. constantly attempting to take us away from our destructive living .. which .. nine times out of ten .. is based on our past .. straight to the fullness of living .. in ways that reflect His love and our future .. He lives and works in each of us .. so here we are .. coming up to a new year .. as we reflect on the old .. and .. how we’ve seen Him in action in our own lives and in our entire community .. we can’t keep that to ourselves .. no way .. we must tell others about the good things He’s doing .. and .. if we find .. there are still things troubling us from the past .. whether it be something we’ve done .. or .. something that’s been done to us .. now is the time to allow Him to deal with them .. so that we .. are no longer controlled by them .. instead .. we are influenced by Him and His grace .. for .. it is in His love and mercy .. we are redeemed .. haha .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“In all their distress .. He too was distressed .. and the angel of His presence saved them .. in His love and mercy He redeemed them .. He lifted them up and carried them all the days of old”

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