We went to a pottery store yesterday .. the lady at the cash register hung up the phone with tears in her eyes .. I walked around the counter to hug her .. haha .. she gladly fell into my arms and cried while whispering in my ear that her co worker had lost her home to the fire .. but yet .. praised God for they were all safe and sound .. haha ..  had dinner with friends .. they told us about an elderly couple that they knew who sat in their car in front of a downed tree .. while watching their home burn to the ground .. that’s right .. right in front of their eyes .. haha .. I chuckle because not only did their house burn down but their car bumpers front and back along with their tires melted while they sat there .. its a wonder the tank didn’t blow .. but no ..  it didn’t ..  and yes .. when they went to crank the car a short time later .. haha .. the tank was empty ..  and yes .. it was a full when they began .. yes friends .. there are countless stories of miracle after miracle in the midst of this tragedy .. yes .. many homes and businesses have been destroyed .. and yes .. some lives have been lost ..  while a few have been taken to UT for serious burns .. and yes .. the truth is .. this historic event will be remembered and talked about for years and years to come ..  oh yes .. we all know God is faithful .. and there’s no doubt  .. He’ll give the strength needed for each and everyone of these folks to keep moving .. which as we’re witnessing .. they’ve already begun to do .. we’ve stayed when we could have went somewhere else or even came home .. but had we done that .. we would have missed these first hand stories of His love .. we would have missed keeping our friends and their children occupied .. and yes .. we would have missed the standing ovation by a tearful crowd of peeps as the volunteer fire fighters came in to eat a much needed dinner .. so yes ..  life throws it out .. we take it .. and yes .. we let Him sort it out .. for we are His children .. and yes .. a resilient bunch we are .. haha .. the rain is falling heavy in these mountains as I’m writing .. they should continue the remainder of the day .. bottom line .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“No .. in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us”


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