Anxiety .. wow .. it can be powerful .. and yes .. it can actually become a state of torment .. oh .. I know .. it’s easy to feel scared when we’re facing the uncertain .. it’s makes us very uncomfortable .. while shining a light on just how little control we have over many of the situations we face .. and .. oh yes .. me .. like so many .. am no stranger to this feeling .. friends .. the truth is .. dealing with anxiety .. it used to cause me many sleepless nights .. I felt totally lost in the world to deal with my own thoughts .. which .. often led to .. panic .. nausea .. and .. stress .. haha .. and .. like so many .. I dealt with it alone .. oh but friends .. trust me when I tell you .. it was when I truly stopped running from God .. that I found a love so pure .. so real .. and .. so true .. that I was filled with something that was lost .. it was when I truly embrace Him .. and .. believed in Him .. I realized .. there was no turning back .. for the truth is .. He is in control .. He goes before us .. and friends .. you and I .. are fortunate enough in this life .. to have someone to turn to .. someone more powerful than anyone and anything on earth .. so .. whatever we fear .. whatever we’ve done .. and .. whatever has been done to us… we have a place to go and seek wisdom .. simply because .. we now know .. to overcome anxiety .. simply means .. facing fear with truth .. and friends .. we can’t let it get fuzzy .. nope .. we have to let Him grab hold .. while we die to ourselves .. day after day .. and .. moment after moment .. thus fore .. allowing Him to prevail .. for .. the bottom line is this .. true peace .. true courage .. and .. true love .. comes straight from the Man .. the One who died for our sins .. and there is nothing .. absolutely nothing .. that can win against He .. who conquered death .. that’s right .. oh yeah .. Love Win Period
“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow .. for tomorrow will worry about itself .. each day has enough trouble of its own”

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