Even when we don’t intend to .. we all put up walls .. we don’t like what someone did or said .. or maybe .. what someone else said .. they did or said .. haha .. so .. we shun them .. we avoid certain streets .. or .. groups of people .. simply because .. they make us feel uncomfortable .. haha .. oh yes .. it’s far easier to hang with those who understand us .. you know .. the ones who are .. “like us” .. haha .. as you see .. I’m finding these thoughts very humorous this morning .. since after all .. we .. as Believers are to be imitators of Jesus .. and .. to do that .. we need to look at the way He lived .. that’s right friends .. He traveled right through Samaria .. He did not by pass it as many others did .. no .. He touched lepers .. He welcomed children .. and friends .. He broke down walls in order to build a new and open structure .. His heart is for His people .. and .. He wants our hearts to be the same .. so today .. if there is someone out there .. that has hurt us .. or .. we them .. offended us .. or .. we them .. betrayed us .. or .. we them .. let’s open our hearts to one another .. let’s show each other His true love .. for the truth is .. if we don’t .. we are only giving the enemy the upper hand .. and .. we all become losers .. haha .. and friends .. I don’t know about you .. but at this stage in my life .. I don’t have time for losing .. or .. the time .. for Him .. not to get the glory .. in all that I do .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“If you love those who love you .. what credit is that to you? .. even sinners love those who love them”


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