Bob .. Sierra Blue and I have been in Savannah for the last few days .. although while in town .. we’ve done a whole lot of walking .. somehow .. we’ve still been able to slow down .. haha .. mostly our minds .. for my short legs .. haha .. have sure been moving .. yet .. even with that .. it’s given me much time to think .. haha .. and I’ve been thinking .. just how important it really is .. to slow down .. for friends .. I don’t think it’s good to allow ourselves to always be in such a hurry .. for the truth is .. if we’re not careful .. all this hurrying will affect our spiritual life .. think about Jesus … the very picture of peace .. He moved slowly throughout the day .. listening to God and finding direction .. haha .. and yes .. we should set the same pace today .. moving carefully .. speaking mindfully .. and yes .. listening carefully for that still small voice .. that also leads us .. and yes .. guides us as well .. no .. it’s not with loud cymbals .. or .. in the rush that we hear His voice .. no friends .. it’s in the quietness of our minds .. that His perfect peace comes over us .. haha .. and yes .. simply gives us .. all the answers we’ll ever need .. if we care to listen .. for yes .. He loves us and wants us .. to simply .. take the time to experience His perfect peace .. for friends .. when we do this on a regular basis .. it won’t take us long to realize .. haha .. it’s a pretty good darn way to roll .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“And your ears shall hear a word behind you .. saying .. “This is the way .. walk in it” .. when you turn to the right or when you turn to the left”


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