Oh yes .. we’ll be going through the day .. not a care in the world .. then .. BAM … trouble comes when we least expect it .. haha .. and of course .. our first reaction is to complain because now our parade has been rained on .. and .. our day has been totally ruined .. OR .. we can resolve ourselves to this simple fact .. things are going to change .. sometimes .. by the minute .. nothing we can do about it .. so .. we look for the good and take delight in it .. then we keep moving .. for when we walk with God .. our perspective changes .. we are no longer alone facing adversity .. we now have a source of strength and protection .. and that source .. it’s available whenever we need it .. we no longer have to cry out in alarm .. we now look for the good .. that puddle to splash in .. for .. the fact is .. we’re going to experience those dark clouds from time to time .. and .. they are going to rain on our spiritual progress .. but friends .. they can only shadow our joy .. IF .. we let them .. and .. we’re not going to let them .. instead .. we treat those surprise storms as just another way to discover His perfect will for our lives .. staying mindful .. that after the rain .. comes the rainbow .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period.

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