As the holidays quickly approach .. my heart and mind always seems to go to those who are facing their first “season” after the death of a loved one .. most of us have experienced it .. and yes .. as we know the pain is excruciating .. the feelings of being alone .. along with the memories of the joyful times .. they seem to intertwine .. yet .. they don’t change the pain .. no sweet friends .. after a loss .. we find the holidays are clearly some of the roughest terrain we’ll ever navigate .. and the truth is .. its the way we handle these days that are as individual as we are .. that’s right .. and yes .. what’s so important is that we be present .. for yes .. we know to be fully felt is a part of the journey .. and yes .. while trusting in this truth .. we also know .. we don’t have to be a victim of the pain of the past .. no .. when it calls .. we can simply let it go to voice mail .. for friends .. it has nothing to say .. the pain can’t haunt us because we can remember .. and yes .. honor “the love” we shared .. and yes .. because death does not take a holiday .. we understand that sadness is allowed .. however .. we stay mindful now more than ever .. that yes .. we must be gentle with ourselves .. we don’t have to do more than we want .. nor .. anything that doesn’t serve our soul or our loss .. for we .. as Children of God will never lose our hope .. oh yes .. we hurt .. we feel the loss .. but we know .. that we know .. that we know .. there’s a new beginning in front of us .. and yes .. we’re going to go through some things in this life that we’ll never understand .. but yes yes yes .. we can .. and yes .. we will .. trust Him to work them all out .. for yes .. His Word tells us simply that whatever the enemy intends for our harm .. He can .. and yes.. He will … turn around for our good .. so friends .. if you know someone today who has recently lost a loved one .. reach out to them in a “silent” love .. for yes .. as we know from our own experience .. sometimes there are simply just no words .. only love .. and yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“Therefore .. we are always confident .. and we know that as long as we are at home in this body we are away from the Lord .. For we live by faith .. not by sight .. we are confident .. then .. and would prefer to be away from this body and to live with the Lord”

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