As many of us do in the morning .. I read Sean Dietrich‘s story of the day .. and yes yes yes .. He is a talented and gifted writer .. with much love and wisdom in his words .. today was especially touching for me .. as I was once that sister he spoke about .. growing up I witnessed and was subject to some very unhealthy activity .. I would get in the closet and cry .. and yes .. my brothers .. both of them .. would come in with me and sometimes .. they’d cry too .. they loved me like no other .. the nurtured me .. they were patient with me .. and to tell you the truth .. if it wasn’t for them .. I may not even be here today .. they were my protectors .. haha .. until they both escaped by way of the Vietnam War .. one by the draft .. the other by enlisting .. haha .. to avoid the draft .. which in turn .. left me alone to fin for myself .. I became angry about everything .. and yes .. I carried that anger along with that deep hurt for so many years .. haha .. after fall after fall after fall .. I finally gave it up and took my eyes off of everyone around me .. off the hurt and off the pain .. and yes .. placed them on the Lord .. and yes ..on the healing that only He could bring .. oh .. don’t get me wrong .. I still have a streak in me .. and the enemy .. haha .. he uses that streak to bring me down every chance he gets .. but friends .. the truth is .. when we stay focused on our God .. on our family .. and yes .. on our work .. it sure makes it hard to fail .. for yes .. He honors our obedience and He directs us in the way that we need to go .. haha .. IF .. we allow Him to do so .. so friends .. I’m here to tell you this morning .. we are not a product of our past .. we are not failures .. we are not the person the enemy wants us to believe we are .. no way .. we are children of the Most High .. we are heirs to the throne .. we are loved by the One who created this very earth in which we live .. we are precious in His site .. and yes .. in all we do and in all we say .. He will lead us and guide us in the direction we need to go .. all we have to do .. is simply trust Him .. and yes .. trusting Him will bring us through any and all of the trials we may face .. so today .. we rise up with our heads held high .. for simply .. we are loved by love Himself .. and friends .. it simply can’t get any better than that .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“This is real love .. not that we loved God .. but that He loved us and sent His Son as a sacrifice to take away our sins”

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