Friends ..  as we know .. God is Love .. and yes .. as followers of Christ we’re supposed to reflect Jesus in our actions .. for yes ..  like Him we’re to be humble .. we’re to pray for .. and yes .. haha ..  love our enemies .. we’re to submit ourselves to the Him living our lives in the spirit .. and yes .. most of all .. we’re to put Him first .. for yes .. this is the formula for “Real Love” ..  it’s showing love even when it’s not easy .. no sweet friends .. being humble is not arrogant nor prideful .. the humble life is marked with meekness and modesty .. the truth is ..  the Bible tells us if we do not love we do not know God .. and yes .. haha ..  it’s just that simple .. for yes .. He showed His love on the cross and in turn we should always show love toward others .. His love was never filled with hate .. it never looked for revenge .. and no ..  it never looked to get even .. as a matter of fact .. His last action on this earth was to show love to others .. so yes .. same as in the centuries gone by ..  we are called and urged to look at the life of Jesus as an example to follow .. so therefore .. we must continually stay mindful to show real love .. and yes .. we do this even in the hardest of times .. for yes .. always and forever .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“And now these three remain .. faith .. hope and love .. but the greatest of these is love”


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