Being the people pleasing bunch of people we are .. many of us have a hard time saying no .. I’ve learned however that saying no .. is quite liberating .. and .. just fine .. haha .. I laugh as I think of a conversation I had with my friend Bobby not long ago .. we were talking about the decisions we’ll face coming into the new year .. no .. nothing in particular .. just .. generally speaking .. we laughed at many of our past antics .. if you will .. and he told me .. that he’s has adapted an attitude of .. “if it’s not a Hell Yeah .. then .. it’s a No” .. haha .. I liked it so much that I’ve taken it on myself .. however .. the truth is .. we want to be nice and we want to be kind .. and somewhere .. in our twisted selves we think this means always doing what others want us to do .. unless we just know .. it ain’t right .. and then .. sometimes we do it anyway .. haha .. oh my goodness .. friends .. this is so far from what God wants us to do .. that .. it’s just not funny .. no .. think about it .. Jesus Himself .. He said no .. and .. we shouldn’t be be afraid to either .. yes .. I know .. many of us can’t be honest with people .. especially if we feel we’ve let them down .. so .. we simply .. make excuses or even lie to make ourselves look better instead of speaking honestly to them .. we’re afraid to display emotions other than happiness .. simply because .. we think that’s the natural state of a Christian .. haha .. what a joke .. for the truth is .. even Jesus wept in sadness .. so .. with that .. we simply learn .. by allowing Him to live through us .. will not necessarily produce nice .. but .. without a doubt .. will produce godly .. no friends .. it will not always be as pleasant .. efficient .. or .. even safe .. but .. it will be “right” .. and .. because it’s right .. we’ll be a better “follower” to Him .. when I say this .. it doesn’t mean we are to become jerks for Jesus .. haha .. no .. we can’t call people out or speak truth in love .. without love.. no .. we don’t want to be that person .. although .. yes .. He is totally different from the people pleasing people that we find ourselves being at times .. He’s also not .. trying to call out every person in sight either .. so .. we get up each day .. we ask for His .. discretion ..wisdom .. and .. tact .. as we travel through the day .. allowing His sweet spirit to conform us .. to what He wants us to be .. simply .. haha .. a mirror image of Him .. that’s right friends .. we got this .. and .. He’s got our backs .. let’s roll out some “real” .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“Instead .. we will speak the truth in love .. growing in every way more and more like Christ .. who is the head of His body .. the church”


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