We’ve all had conflicts in our lives .. whether it’s between a family member .. a close friend .. or .. someone we work with .. and we know .. it’s how we handle ourselves during these times that’s important .. for you see .. when we face conflict .. we must learn to focus on reconciliation .. not resolution .. yes .. there’s a big difference in these two words .. reconciliation means re-establishing the relationship .. while .. resolution means resolving every issue .. haha .. the latter .. is probably just not going to happen .. simply because .. there are just some things .. we’re not all going to agree on .. and .. that’s okay .. for you see .. God knows the conflicts we face .. and .. He knows we’re weary from them .. He also knows we want to make peace .. for .. He knows .. simply without it .. we can’t offer it to others .. oh but friends .. that can change .. for it’s when .. we truly accept His peace within .. and .. we open our hearts and minds to His .. as best as we know how .. that our lives will be fully filled with .. love not anger .. with .. patience and joy .. and .. yes .. that perfect peace .. for now .. we are armed and ready .. we’ve become .. bridge builders .. rather than .. wall builders .. He’ll help us to take the initiative to reach out .. while .. never waiting on the other person to do so .. He’ll help us to find the right time and place .. and then .. He’ll help us to have the courage to confess our part of the conflict with humbleness .. so now .. rather than attacking the person .. we attack the problem .. while .. all the while .. considering their perspective .. haha .. yes sweet friends .. He will simply .. give us the mindset .. to speak the truth and fix the problem .. for .. we are focused on reconciliation .. and .. we can trust .. we all worth the work it takes .. to reconcile with one another .. simple truth .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“All this is from God .. who through Christ reconciled us to Himself and gave us the ministry of reconciliation”

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