Haha .. friends .. sometimes .. I just plain don’t know how God puts up with us .. haha .. which only re-confirms to me .. how patient and loving He really is .. for friends .. the truth is .. people .. they can be very unkind at times .. and yes .. since we’re all people .. that would mean .. haha .. we’re all capable of being “unkind” .. that’s right .. as some people have a way of bringing out the best in us .. others simply .. bring out the worst .. and yes .. it may surprise us .. or yes .. even disappoint us .. to realize .. the one who bothers us the most may live under our own roof .. haha .. and even more so .. that person .. may be the one we see in the mirror .. haha .. however .. yes .. there are those who are unkind almost all the time .. they have this knack of rubbing us the wrong way .. but friends .. we can love them too .. and yes .. He can help us to do just that .. for .. just as He loves the “un-loveables” .. we can too .. for the bottom line is simply .. our relationship with Him is what will determine our relationship with others .. when we are “right” with Him .. every other relationship we have can be right too .. haha .. for we’re all called to a ministry of reconciliation with one another .. and yes .. to be reconciled to one another .. we must first be reconciled to Him .. for it is then we’ll see .. the love He truly has for us .. haha .. think about it .. if we lack patience .. He surrounds us with irritating people .. if we need to be more loving .. those unloveable people come straight out of the woodwork .. if we need self control .. emotional pushers will come on us like a plaque .. haha .. giving us the opportunity to practice the very thing we need .. and yes .. if we lack faith .. He gives us endless opportunities to grow in it .. for yes sweet friends .. He loves us big .. so big that He simply .. isn’t going to leave us where we are .. He’s going to help us every day .. in every way .. to become more like Him .. for the truth is .. to those difficult people in our life .. we may be the only example of Him they meet .. for Jesus told us plainly .. that our love for one another would prove to the world that we are His .. an imitator of the One we follow .. so yes .. He’ll use those difficult situations and people we encounter to simply .. bring about that change .. oh yes .. it can be uncomfortable and even unsettling at times .. but friends .. it can also be totally life changing .. and for Him .. who loves us big .. a changed life .. is His .. “bottom line” .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“By this all people will know that you are My disciples .. if you have love for one another”


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