Friends .. we need to remember one thing in life .. and .. it’s simple ..  our character should always be stronger than our circumstances .. oh yes .. we all make mistakes .. however .. as long as we accept responsibility for those mistakes .. while trying to make amends where we can .. we’ve done .. all we can .. that’s right .. God did not put any of here to be someone else’s .. “blame” .. we can’t always control what happens to us .. but friends .. we can control .. how we choose to respond .. for it’s simply ..  in those glorious moments .. when we choose to stop complaining .. and .. give God thanks for all the good in our lives .. that those bad parts .. haha .. start to seem much less significant .. that’s right friends .. all it takes .. is a choice .. and .. we can simply choose .. to keep a positive attitude along with a grateful heart  .. no matter what we’re going through .. it’s that simple .. and .. it’s that easy .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period

“Rejoice always ..  pray continually .. give thanks in all circumstances  .. for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus


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