Friends .. as I sit here this morning .. haha .. thinking about the incidents that have occurred within our family over the last month or so .. I’m overwhelmingly grateful to God for His perfect love .. and yes .. His constant protection .. haha .. it all started with a fall that resulted in a pretty darn bad ankle sprain .. then it went to .. two new vehicles being totaled .. one struck by lighting .. the other hit by a texting teenager while parked .. all within a day apart .. haha .. and this week .. we had another one catching on fire .. literally .. haha .. not to mention the everyday stuff we all face .. I know .. it’s crazy but it’s true .. for simply .. we can’t make this up .. haha .. and yes .. it’s also true .. these are the kind of things that can make us bitter or better .. and bitterness .. it’s never an option for us .. no way .. for better .. haha .. is so much better .. as I think about it and how we’ve escaped being mad or upset about any of this .. is simply .. we’ve worked hard to stay in the present moment .. oh yes .. it’s been a lot of work .. reminding ourselves of the many blessings .. rather than the incidents themselves .. haha .. while constantly staying mindful of constantly staying determined .. haha .. to simply .. keep moving forward .. oh yes .. there are times for all of us that we’d like to throw in the towel .. but friends .. the truth is .. in this life we live .. we’re going to face challenges .. we’re going to face obstacles .. and yes .. we’re going to have problems .. but .. if we stay determined .. and simply look to Him for direction .. haha .. we’ll get through them .. for all of these things are like teachers along our journey .. bottom line .. when we make becoming more mindful of the present moment one of our main goals .. we simply .. will not fail .. for yes yes yes .. He’ll make sure that we don’t ..haha .. and again and again and again .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period.
“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me”

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