Friends .. it’s when we find ourselves waking up in the morning with that overwhelming feeling from the pressures  .. and yes .. responsibilities we face in our lives .. that  yes .. we need to remind ourselves .. that yes .. we must live one day at a time while constantly seeking God’s guidance .. so.. haha  ..  with that in mind .. we sit down .. we make a list of the things we truly need to accomplish in the day .. and no .. we don’t worry about what we failed to do yesterday or what we hope to do tomorrow .. for the truth is .. all we need to do is concentrate on the “now “.. beginning with a refreshed and renewed mind along with a grateful heart .. and yes ..  as the day progresses we’ll find the time to not only do our list .. but so much more .. haha .. and yes .. it’s then when we lay our heads to rest at night that we’ll be able to look back on the day .. and yes .. smile knowing we stayed on track .. while staying mindful to remember .. it’s not by our power.. nor by our might .. but yes .. by His Spirit .. that we accomplish anything worthwhile .. for yes yes yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“He gives power to the faint, and to him who has no might he increases strength”


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