It’s a new day .. yesterday is gone .. may we be graceful in releasing it .. letting it go with ease and deep appreciation .. staying totally unattached to its joys and pains .. yet totally enlightened by them .. we’ve been through a lot this year .. it’s with humble hearts .. we count our blessings ..  no matter how hardship once piled up on us ..  today .. we are alive .. we have survived .. we are one day closer to the prize so graciously promised by our loving God .. for today .. as with yesterday and tomorrow .. simply has no purpose but to be fully lived .. sensed .. shaped by His will .. and .. always .. held in awe and appreciation .. so now .. we learn to slow time just a bit .. holding each moment just two beats longer in our mind .. kissing our loved ones two beats longer .. staying mindful about all we are grateful for and excited about .. for just two beats longer .. life is lived in the extra beats we hold as we watch time unfold .. ahh .. and then ..  those two beats become four .. the four become eight .. and eventually .. we will have mastered the art of experiencing life .. of feeling who we are and where we are on our path to greatness .. of creating real moments ..  of living as joyous overseers in the perfect freedom of now .. so .. we give this day meaning and reverence .. for simply .. it’s how we treat today .. that we will treat tomorrow .. oh yeah ..  Love Wins Period

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow .. for tomorrow will worry about itself .. each day has enough trouble of its own”


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