Friends .. we need to constantly and mindfully encourage one another daily .. for yes .. there’s not a single one of us that’s not facing some sort of battle in our lives .. and no .. there’s no battle we face that’s bigger than the next persons battle inside .. haha .. for yes .. suffering is suffering in any form or fashion .. we may have lost a loved one .. we may be battling sickness .. we may be down and out with no where to turn .. or yes .. we may just feel unloved and a little lost .. and friends .. these are all real battles .. these are all real things that we all face at one time or another in our lives .. and yes yes yes .. we need to recognize the power that each of us hold in our very heart .. we hold the key to help each other make it through by simple love .. encouragement .. and yes .. through prayer .. for the truth is .. God listens to each one of us .. He listens for the sound of our voices lifting each other up .. for yes .. He wants us to bring to Him not only our own needs .. but also .. the needs of one another .. haha .. it’s funny .. as I sit here I was distressed with my own battle this morning .. however .. as I’m writing .. that distress I felt a few minutes ago is diminishing as I think of each of you and the needs you’re carrying as well .. yes sweet friends .. we all have them .. and yes .. when we focus on one another .. we’ll simply be reminded .. as I am being reminded right now at this very moment .. that simply .. we’re all in this together .. so yes .. we pray .. we love .. and yes .. we encourage each other right on through .. for yes .. it’s a glorious day to be alive .. and yes .. again and again .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“Bear one another’s burdens .. and so fulfill the law of Christ”

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