Growing up my dad did a lot of the cooking .. well .. I guess he did the memorable cooking .. you know the grander things .. mom .. myself and my brothers .. we did the every day kind of food .. the simple easy breezy .. get yourself something to eat kind of dishes .. oh but .. when dad got in the kitchen .. it became a show .. the chopping .. the dicing .. the sauteing .. the simmering .. all the right spices mixed together .. in just the right amount .. haha .. yes .. he would talk about how you had to have just the right amount of each one .. especially when it came to salt .. to make the dish spectacular .. for simply .. with too little .. the meal would be unmemorable and our friends would leave unsatisfied .. and .. with too much .. their lips would swell up .. while .. the next day their fingers would look like bloated little sausages .. haha .. it’s not easy to get them back over for dinner when this happens .. thinking about this .. laughing at the fun memories .. my mind goes to Jesus .. I wish I had known Him then .. but .. I didn’t .. but .. haha .. I do now .. and .. I’m thinking about how He described us as the .. “salt of the earth” .. haha .. yes .. and just like those dishes dad made .. we also need to ensure .. we’re consciously and faithfully seasoning the world where we live .. haha .. yes .. too little and those around us will leave .. glad to have seen us .. but .. still feeling unsatisfied in their souls .. and yes .. too much .. haha .. they will be run off .. leaving us very little chance .. for a second chance to share His love with them .. yes sweet friends .. we are called .. each one of us .. to bring out His very flavors to those we encounter .. and yes .. we’re responsible for the taste we leave them with .. and yes .. as always .. it all comes back to love .. that unconditional .. in spite of and never because of kind of love .. for .. yes .. we are the salt of the earth .. so .. with this as our mindset .. I say .. come on now .. let’s get cookin’ .. haha .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“You are the salt of the earth .. but if the salt loses its saltiness .. how can it be made salty again? .. it is no longer good for anything .. except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot”

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