I’ll never forget learning to snow ski .. it was fun and funny .. while at the same time .. quite painful .. but .. I learned all the same .. simply by .. getting up each time I fell .. then .. trying again .. such as life .. haha .. yes .. I’ve fallen so many times .. many .. right here in front of you .. however .. I’ve learned .. it’s not always about the falling down .. but .. it’s about .. whether we get ourselves back up again .. and friends .. I’m the queen of pulling myself back up from the fall .. for .. the truth is .. there’s simply .. no choice in this matter .. we can never ever .. let our pride stop us from getting back up .. bottom line .. if we’ll admit it .. we’ve all failed .. not once .. not twice .. but more times than we can count .. the problem with a stumble or an outright fall .. we come away from it .. with this feeling of such regret that we think .. “dang .. it’s happened again .. I might as well give up” .. haha .. oh but .. we have to stop and remember .. we’re better today than yesterday .. simply because .. Our God .. He is the God of new beginnings .. He not only forgives us of our sins and shortcomings .. but also .. He uses every single failure in our life .. to make us wiser .. and yes .. sometimes our pride .. it will cause us to resist that starting over process .. however .. with a heart of humility .. we must turn away from our pride .. and .. we must .. move on .. so friends .. trust me when I say .. there is a new beginning for each of us .. on every waking day .. all we have to do is simply .. go to Him with our humble heart .. for .. He’ll show us the way .. and .. when we look back .. it will be just like learning to ski .. we’ll laugh at the falls .. and even .. those hurts and pains .. with a sense of joy .. for today we can trust .. “we may not be where we want to be .. but .. we’re not where we used to be .. for .. by His grace .. we are what we are” .. and friends .. that where He wants us .. and .. that’s where He can use us .. for His best .. for failure .. is never final for those who begin again with Him .. simple truth .. so today .. or .. tomorrow .. if we feel down for the count .. we’re going to simply .. scrape ourselves back up .. stand tall .. grab hold of His rope .. and .. let Him lead .. yes sweet friends .. it’s all gonna be just fine .. for .. the truth is .. they can’t eat us .. haha .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“God resists the proud .. but gives grace to the humble”

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