Friends .. God places people in our lives .. and yes .. they’ll come and they’ll go .. for simply .. everything has a time and a season .. haha .. that’s just the way God made it to be .. and yes .. sometimes there are times of parting .. as people go on to their next phase in life .. and for Bob and I .. today .. is one of those days .. our sweet neighbors .. who we love dearly .. are moving to North Carolina .. haha .. it’s the new thing you know .. and yes .. to say we’re going to miss them is an understatement .. haha .. we built our house and moved into our quiet little neighborhood Labor Day weekend of 2000 .. they built the same year and moved in Thanksgiving weekend .. we became fast friends .. and nothing has changed since .. yes .. our sweet neighbors who we love .. are the best ever .. they’ve been a listening ear when I needed one .. they’ve had a hug waiting for me .. when no one else would hug me .. they’ve absolutely without a doubt .. loved me in spite of and not because of .. haha .. not to mention the fact .. we’ve never cut the grass by the side of our road .. for Nita .. she’s mowed it on here own free will .. haha .. for almost 16 years .. we always laugh and say .. “the grass fairy’s been here today” .. haha .. yes .. they are the best ever .. at night our neighborhood is dark .. I don’t like it so dark .. so .. in knowing this .. our sweet neighbors who we love .. burned their driveway lights for me .. every single night .. for almost 16 years .. strictly out of love .. haha .. as I sit here now and look out across the street .. tears rolling down my face .. their garage doors are up and they’re waiting on the movers to come load the last big stuff .. and tonight .. they’ll be no lights in the driveway .. they’ll be no more pulling each others trash cans in in the mornings .. they’ll be no more daily contact with these two .. friends and neighbors .. who we love .. haha .. oh but friends .. what we must remind ourselves of .. is simply .. in this life .. relationships .. time .. and .. people .. simply serve .. their intent and purpose for a season .. some seasons are long .. some are short .. some relationships endure .. but change .. while others just end .. heck .. there are many people who come into our life and leave that we have no contact with .. some we can’t even recall their names .. however .. that doesn’t change at all the value of that relationship .. no way .. for .. some people we let in to the deep stuff .. while others .. are just kept to the surface .. but friends what we must realize .. is simply .. the people we come across .. we touch .. and yes .. they touch us .. and for that .. and .. our sweet neighbors who we love .. we are grateful souls .. for our relationship is precious .. we’ve been blessed to call these two women our neighbors .. and yes .. our friends .. and yes .. friends to end we will be .. so today .. as they leave on their next journey of life .. we’re excited to see just what the next season brings .. for these two women .. they totally deserve all of the good .. God has in store for them .. for they are .. His good and faithful servants .. and yes .. because of them .. our lives are fuller and healthier .. so friends .. when we have these bittersweet days .. as we’ll all have them .. we can look up and thank Him for the season we’ve had .. and .. we can look forward to the new season moving in .. haha .. for yes sweet friends .. it’s true .. life is change .. and .. growth is optional .. love you big Nita and Nancy .. our .. “sweet neighbors who we love” .. grab hold and enjoy .. your upcoming season .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

“The second is this .. ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself’ .. there is no other commandment greater than these.”


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