“Life is change .. growth is optional .. choose wisely” .. yes friends .. it’s perfectly clear .. that simply .. God’s ways of training us .. haha .. are not our ways .. and no .. His ways of growing our faith .. they aren’t either .. haha .. and yes .. there are and will be times .. when we simply .. just don’t understand why .. He doesn’t step in and relieve us when we’re faced with a problem or a heavy heartache .. and yes .. there are and will be times .. when we may even give up spiritually .. for .. we feel abandoned and we feel hopeless .. oh but friends .. it’s in those times that our mindfulness must kick in .. and .. we simply .. trust in the truth .. and .. that truth being .. even “if we are faithless He remains faithful” .. haha .. yes friends .. it’s just like Him to always stay on course .. and yes .. because He always stays on course .. what we find on our journey .. is simply .. it’s often .. in the hardest times .. we find ourselves turning to Him .. not wanting anything from Him .. but only wanting .. just to be with Him .. and friends .. it’s during these tough times that no matter what we’re thinking or feeling about Him .. and .. no matter what He’s allowing to happen in our lives .. He’s still always and forever turned toward us .. so .. we simply .. seek Him .. we look for Him .. in all the seasons of our lives .. for when we do .. it simply allows Him .. to cut off those dead branches in our hearts and tenderly nurture our growth .. yes .. He longs to meet us in that simple quiet place .. where we can flourish like wild flowers under His watchful and protective care .. yes friends .. it’s so very true .. life is change .. growth is optional .. and yes .. we simply must .. choose wisely .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“Let the wise hear and increase in learning .. and the one who understands obtain guidance”

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