We all seek wisdom in our lives .. and we know .. God has it .. so .. in order to tap into His wisdom .. we must have faith .. for faith .. is the the key to get to Him .. for .. we know .. without faith .. it’s totally impossible to please Him .. think about how silly it would be .. to ask something of someone .. who we weren’t really sure .. even existed .. haha .. or.. if He did exist .. we weren’t sure He even cared .. or .. even had the power to do grant it .. haha .. so .. if we’re going to ask Him for something .. we must believe in His existence .. we must believe .. He personally cares for us .. and that .. He is willing and able to give us the wisdom we need to endure whatever we’re facing .. with “HIS” joy .. haha .. I love this .. for the truth is .. without wisdom .. life can be full of thorns .. and .. I don’t know about you .. but me .. I’ve been pricked and stuck numerous times in my life .. for .. as we all .. also know .. human wisdom .. can lead us straight into trouble .. and life .. it can seem very unfair .. for friends .. the truth is .. if life contained perfect justice .. every one of us would suffer eternally for every shortcoming in our imperfect selves .. haha .. yes sweet friends .. it’s more better than fair .. that a righteous Savior bridges the gap between imperfect man and a perfect God .. with infinite wisdom .. so .. bottom line .. seeking His wisdom .. is .. the answer for each and every one of us .. IF .. we can turn our heart to Him .. and allow .. His Word to guide us .. for it is then .. we’ll simply .. live a life .. totally embraced with His perfect love and ultimate wisdom .. simple truth for the start of .. a perfect Friday .. haha .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“If any of you lacks wisdom .. he should ask God who gives generously to all without finding fault .. and it will be given to him”

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