Friends .. I can tell you this .. God .. He absolutely without a doubt .. loves us .. and yes .. He truly cares about what’s going on in our heart and mind .. so .. haha .. with this truth in mind .. as we’re facing daily decision we need to make .. whether big or small .. we simply .. have the opportunity to choose from whom we’ll seek direction .. that’s right .. as for me .. I try to make Him my first ..”go to” .. simply because .. I know without a doubt .. His desire .. is to be the highest priority in every part of my life .. oh yes .. decisions decisions .. haha .. we face them every day .. and yes .. it’s clear that there are the right ones .. haha .. and yes .. it’s clear .. there are the wrong ones .. and yes .. at times .. we’re faced with having to make choices between two really good things .. and yes .. it’s very possible .. He’ll be present in and honored by .. either decision we make … haha .. oh but then .. it’s when we face those gray areas .. you know .. that something .. that’s not necessarily right .. but yet .. it’s not necessarily wrong .. haha .. that we simply .. have the opportunity to practice wisdom .. we have the opportunity .. to listen .. for yes .. wisdom tells us to simply .. “be still” .. to get alone and quiet in His very presence .. for friends .. it is then .. He’ll move us in the direction we need to go .. bottom line .. as we move through our days .. as we’re making decisions .. and .. we’re working Him into our life story .. we must remember .. haha .. we’re part of His story .. and yes yes yes .. He’s delighted by our desire to live with His focus in mind .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

“Apply your heart to instruction and your ear to words of knowledge”


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