Friends .. as most all of us know from personal experience  ..  even after we’re saved .. haha .. we’re  still capable of doing many things .. that are just not right ..  and yes .. that’s why we simply have to avoid .. at all cost .. allowing grace to become an excuse .. to do whatever it is we want .. haha .. for the truth is .. living according to our flesh .. will simply .. cause us to be miserable .. simply because .. as Believers .. it stirs up that inner conflict we have when we steer the wrong way .. for .. we understand .. we’re  at constant war with our flesh .. and yes .. because of this truth ..  we must daily ..  die to “self”  ..  that’s right friends .. we must destroy our old nature .. for .. we understand .. it’s the barrier to our own happiness .. haha .. yes  .. we understand .. that death to self .. it’s not a painful sacrifice .. but .. pure freedom .. from a life of misery .. haha .. no .. it’s not loss .. it’s total gain .. for .. it’s in finding that happiness on the other end of this process .. that opens our eyes to the truth .. that Jesus Himself proclaimed .. and .. that Paul described so well  ..  and yes .. we simply find  ..  it’s in all of this .. that allows our spirits to thrive .. for friends .. it’s when we temper the destruction of our own flesh .. that the blessed fruit of the Spirit .. haha .. which includes ..  pure joy .. is totally released .. and yes  .. that joy .. is simply the key ..  to moving though life .. with the desire to  love others .. as He Himself .. loves each of us .. so .. yes yes yes ..  again and again and again ..  haha .. Love Wins Period.

“Fight the good fight of the faith .. take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses”



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