Shame .. it’s just another form of addiction .. a silent killer .. a learned response .. when we start feeling shameful .. we leave ourselves and operate .. much like if we were all doped up .. haha .. that’s right .. nothing clear can get in .. and .. nothing clear can come out .. that’s why it’s so important for us to remember that shame is learned .. and .. anything learned .. can be unlearned .. at some point .. shame was probably used to control us .. so now .. haha .. we use it to control others .. shame on us .. friends .. what we must remember .. when we start feeling ashamed .. no new information can come in .. and .. we cannot process nor communicate clearly .. we are right down in the addictive state .. and we need out .. for .. the bottom line is simply this .. no one can make us feel inferior unless we allow them to do so .. oh yes .. I’ve made so many “shameful” mistakes in my life .. and .. with those mistakes .. shame has dang near taken me out .. ahhh .. but .. it’s when I turned to God in my exile.. with complete honesty and the willingness to accept the suffering .. that I discovered .. shame is a lie .. for you see .. none of us are ever .. “less than” .. no .. none of us are unlovable .. beyond repair .. or .. worthless .. we are loved and cherished by a redeeming .. healing .. and .. saving God .. and friends .. none of us are in the wrong for longing .. for .. it is a gift .. a gift .. that keeps us moving toward our relationship with Him .. as well as with each other .. so with that .. as the tune plays .. let’s start our day .. “shake off those heavy bands .. lift up those holy hands .. let all God’s people praise the Lord ” .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period.

“But you .. O Lord .. are a shield about me .. my glory .. and the lifter of my head”


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