We’ve all been there .. haha .. on one side or the other ..  of the ridiculed .. the outcast ..  the gossiped about .. the half truthed .. and .. the totally lied about ..  and friends .. it’s not a good feeling .. no matter the side we’re on … for simply ..  the hurt .. the pain .. and .. the shame takes over .. and .. it becomes hard to move forward ..  none of us deserve to be shunned .. and none of us .. should ever be shunned by another Believer .. but .. it happens in life .. and friends .. what we have to simply remember is God’s truth .. our past does not define us .. yes .. it can be a problem to overcome .. but .. we are overcomers .. and .. as His Followers .. we’re here to help each other .. we’re not only suppose to forgive .. but .. we as His children are suppose to want and to help .. see each other grow .. while allowing .. ourselves and others .. to move past that hurt and shame .. for .. He is the light of the world  .. and ..  when we do not stand in His light .. we have one alternative .. and .. that’s to live in the dark .. that’s right .. it’s all in the Scriptures .. and .. it’s all pretty plain and simple ..  if no light shines from our life .. either we have no relationship with Him ..  or  .. we’re simply bringing dishonor to Him .. I know this to be true  .. I’ve done it .. and .. I’ve found what I never wanted to be ..  a stumbling block for others .. and that .. sweet friends ..  is certainly not effective in convincing anyone that He has the power to transform a life .. so .. with that .. I believe .. our personal responsibility to Him is to shine our light .. shine it so bright .. that lives are transformed by His very love that we carry within .. haha .. and the funny part and bottom line .. this can all happen so easily .. through simple acts of kindness .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period

“God is light and in Him is no darkness at all .. if we say that we have fellowship with Him .. and walk in darkness .. we lie and do not practice the truth”


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